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What’s on the video for the partially deaf.

School makes students poor.

PhD stands for Poor, Helpless and Desperate.

The riskiest thing you can do is go to school, learn from a fake future, put your money with financial planner, work hard for fake money, and pay a lot of taxes.

With what the Federal Reserve Bank, our Banks and our School Systems doing, it’s criminal, it’s ripping off my generation up, enough in our generation you know.

This is my book, Fake here risen, it’s fake money, fake teachers, in fake assets. It’s because all has to be fake, you have to have fake teachers. To understand fake money they have to have fake assets to buy those stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Bank assets but without fake teachers fake money and you can’t do it.

One of the best things I had is, I went to military school,  went to the flight school and I had such great teachers you know, all of them could fly. You know, so my flight instructor could fly.

What a novel idea! You know a flight instructor can fly.

But, when I was in high school, most of my teachers were terrified, they’re all cowards you know job security. Don’t make mistakes, just memorize the right answer and you’ll be safe in school. They compensate for a risk by telling you to memorize the right answer.

So in other words these kids leave school thinking, oh, if I know the right answers then there’s no risk. And it drives old guys like me crazy because everybody’s talking about Millennials.

What’s wrong with them? You know Millennials are the most highly educated generation in history. They know all the answers but they’re afraid of doing anything.

You know the biggest complaint about my generation? These Millennials know all the answers. They can’t do anything. The reason they can’t do anything is because they think that they might hurt somebody’s feelings. Might make a mistake. You know, this jsut keeps these you guys trapped in this little box.

Education is more important than before. But, you got to be careful!

I wrote the book “Fake Money, Fake Teachers and Fake Assets“. don’t listen to fake teachers. Yeah I have a friend, he teaches entrepreneurship at UC Santa Barbara. And I call him up and I say how in the world can you teach entrepreneurship? He says, well I have a master’s degree. I ask question again. What gives you the right to teach your entrepreneurship? He says, I have a master’s degree in entrepreneurship. When I say hey Doug, you and I have been friends for a long time, you’ve never started a business! You’re a fake teacher! He says, but I have all the answers.  I said yeah, but you don’t know how to start a business!

Some of the biggest faith issues all those financial planners Italian to him you know to save money why would you save money on the government’s printing money then they tell you to invest for a long term of the stock market and you guys know the stock market this ultra short term there’s high-frequency trading today long term is a split second but they’re telling you guys like my generation to keep your money in the stock market for 40 years and you have nothing left at the end of it and you look at all the pensions of the school teachers firefighters and all the guys with 401ks they’re all bankrupt because Wall Street stole their money from them you know and the Federal Reserve Bank they’re run by phd’s like my port head and PhD stands were poor helpless and desperate the Fed has not been right in years thereby worships the Federal Reserve Bank there’s a guy stealing from our pension systems listen it’s horrible what’s going on because we have all these PhDs poor helpless and desperate people who are risk averse my rich dad always said never say I can’t afford it and was my rich dad and many of my teachers subsequent to that this had lazy people always say I can’t afford it I don’t have the money that’s why they’re poor they have a poor mindset so instead of figuring out how to raise money it’s just really easy to be a loser and I call the losers if this is enough because we all have the power if we wanted to to not be poor if we learn how to raise money my poor dad might port my PhD father you always said to me says you know I’d be a rich man if I didn’t have you kids and I said well you know dad not my fault he had kids you know I mean you know I just can’t afford it because I have kids and the more he said that the angrier I got so and I went my rich at age nine did I used as well that’s why your old man’s poor because he’s lazy he thinks his PhD is gonna carry him he says everybody can say I don’t have money I can’t afford it he says that’s why he’s poor he’s lazy over my lifetime most of the projects I have started I’ve never had any man I like not having money because it forces me to think I get creative I have to educate myself I have to talk to rich guys how did you do this how did you do that how you do that and what has happened to me I mean I just turned 72 I’ve never needed money because if I need money I figure out how to raise it it’s easy to say I can’t afford it all the poor people say I can’t afford all the poor people say was taxed are rich all the poor people are saying we’ll give me a free education free food free schooling free manicures pedicures there’s laziness my opinion only the lazy people use their own money and that’s what really pissed off a lot of people up there cuz you’re calling me lazy I said yes I am because you’re the sent up a person will say I can’t afford it I can’t do that that’s the problem it’s up here most of my family said well you I can’t afford it my father Tom to say that my mother taught to say that my richest eyes would never say that the number one way to ray-ray is income as sales but they teach you sales in school but if you work for a network marketing company you learn sales so that’s why I presidential I not people hate Trump that made me to the president trumpet I the only people that recommend network marketing because in network marketing you have to go through your fear and you have to learn how to sell the reason I’m an entrepreneur is I know how to make money I know how to acquire assets I know how to use debt talk wire assets that’s real financial education not the garbage you’re teaching at school let me say one more time if you’re going to be employee or a doctor or lawyer than traditional education is really important it’s going to be an entrepreneur you don’t need to you