Change Your Path – Redefine Yourself!

Change is Must You Be!

Redefine yourself to change the path you’re on. Your timeline is changeable. It is your path, you should take control of it. You have the ultimate say in your life.


  • Birds of a feather flock together.
  • Don’t pick up others lives.
  • Look into your own life.
  • Align yourself with positivity.
  • Contribute to your growth.
  • Learn from those who have beaten life.
  • Don’t stay in the low level.
  • Challenge Yourself.
  • The biggest enemy you have to deal with is yourself.
  • Change it, redefine yourself, change you first.
  • Look forward to the future.
  • Leave the past, just study the past to live the present to make the path for tomorrow.
  • You’re the director, producer, the actor, ti’s in your hands.
  • Don’t look at your circumstances or age – leave the crap out.
  • Don’t say no to yourself, and start to say YES to yourself.
  • Yes to your dreams.
  • Why not you, why not!
  • Use that energy to get up from the low you’re in and move on. Move yourself up not further down!


Peace, Joy and Happiness!

When Life breaks You – Watch This To Get Up

What to do when life breaks you


TD Jakes
Nick Vujicic
Les Brown
Matt Damon (in The Martian)

Each Other by Chris Coleman (Licensed through MusicBed)


  • Discouragement
  • Moments
  • Truth.
  • Falling Down.
  • Strength To Get Back Up.
  • Fear – don’t let it control you.
  • Get Up.
  • It’s Very Hard.
  • Don’t Give Up on Your Drreams.
  • Get Up even if you fail.
  • If you fail try again.
  • It’s not the end, there’s still hope.
  • It’s not over until I win!
  • Listen to the positive voice within.



We all need to be motivated once in a while

Once in a while I get a boost of inspiration and motivation through Great Motivational Speeches.

This is one video where you will be motivated and inspiration will flow through your being.

Let the heart connect you to your inner-self. Through it you will open up your talent bank and move your work or life to a new level of understanding.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Muhammad Ali

**** Apple Founder Steve Jobs ****

Sylvester Stallone

Great video – thanks to the person who made it possible and posted it on

Arnolds 6 Rules

  1. Trust Yourself
  2. Break Some Rules
  3. Don’t Be Afraid To Fail
  4. Ignore The Nay Sayers
  5. Work Like Hell
  6. Give Something Back

Steve Jobs

  • Trust in Something
  • Dots Connect Down The Road
  • Have The Confidence To Follow Your Heart
  • Don’t Lose Faith
  • Love What You Do
  • Find What You Love
  • Follow Your Heart
  • Do Great Work
  • Listen To Your Own Inner Voice
  • Have The Courage To Follow Your Heart & Intuition

IT TAKES COURAGE by TD Jakes – Best Motivational Video

It Takes Courage to be Successful at What You Do!

If you don’t want to make waves, be mediocre, be normal and, fit in.

  • It takes courage to be different.
  • It takes courage to be exceptional.
  • It takes courage to be wise.
  • It takes courage to be rich.
  • It takes courage to be educated.
  • It takes courage to be knowledgeable.



Transcript of Video

I think that the people that are on that are discovering, how to unleash their greatness are people who have the mental resiliency and the courage to face failure, that you will fail your way to greatness.

That most people allow their fear of failure talk.

When you’re willing to fail again and again and again, when you make up your mind to become unstoppable, when you make up your mind to become a no matter what person? Then that will then give birth to a part of yourself that you don’t know right now.

Do you have the courage to act outwardly on what you see in wordly? Or will you guide dreamer?

Will you die on the verge and on the edge and up in the land of cut up water and sugar?

I’m gonna drop some on you.

 # It takes courage to be successful.

 # It is far easier not to be successful.

 # Misery will always have company.

 # Success breeds contempt.

If you don’t want to make waves, be mediocre, be normal and, fit in.

  • It takes courage to be different.
  • It takes courage to be exceptional.
  • It takes courage to be wise.
  • It takes courage to be rich.
  • It takes courage to be educated.
  • It takes courage to be knowledgeable.

Attribution: As found on Youtube

Manually Moving a WordPress Site from one Server to Another

Moving a WordPress site from one server to another is a task that requires your hands to get dirty and play around with site software.

Firstly, the task is easier when you are moving a site from one domain to another if both of these domains are hosted on the same server.

It gets a little hairy if the sites are hosted on different hosts. The difficulty arises due to both sites using different server software or software that has different versions.

Most large hosting companies use custom Panels and usually don’t update as often as smaller hosting companies.
Updates tend to introduce errors for existing sites. This is another topic and we’ll just leave it at that.

The steps to follow are easy to follow and need a little bit of technical knowledge.
If you’re new to MySQL, PHP, phpmyadmin, CPanel or you don’t have the prerequisite knowledge for any of these then the task will be a hard one for you. But, it is not impossible since once upon a time I was also a novice and did not know what a hosting was. We all go through that path to learn and educate ourselves.

Talking of education it is almost free to educate yourself in many technical areas. Just Youtube any topic that interests you and you have 100’s of people who have shared their knowledge. Just like this article.

What you will need for this are: CPanel Hosting and WordPress. It is possible to move a WordPress to another Panel type but that is not covered here.

Here’s the steps in general. Details further down.

On the Site you are going to duplicate:

  1. Make a backup of your existing website and put that aside using CPanel Backup Procedure
  2. Compress and download the content directory with Filemanager and any other custom files and directories on the server.
  3. Log into PhpMyAdmin within CPanel and export the database for the site.

On the New Site You are Going To Create the Site

  1. Log into CPanel and Upload the “wp-content” from step (1) directory to the root “public_html” folder.
  2. Rename the original “content” to “wp-content–” and then uncompress the backup file you’ve just uploaded.
  3. Open phpMyAdmin and import the database from step (3).

Not finished – Hands going to get dirty here

  1. Editing the Options table in the WordPress Database and fixing settings in wp-config.php file.
  2. Refresh new site and you should have the site moved without any problems.

I would like to say that it took me less time to do the above procedure than to write this article so far.

There are many plugins and tools to do this automatically but I find it easier to do this manually allowing me total control of the whole process.